New Harp!   

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I have a crush. Not a guy this time. But it was love at first sight. And it’s pretty serious. Something longlong term…: meet this stunning (both inside ànd outside ) Lyon&Healy black/bronze Beauty!  I’m sooo deeply happy with and grateful for this beautiful harp! The sound is so amazingly bright and rich, makes my heart go jumping 🎵🎶 I will do everything in my power to let him (yeah…I think it’s a he, really, when you see him you’ll agree) shine, he deserves no less! Looking forward to all the music and concerts that we’re going to play! My immense gratitude to Willy Postma for trusting me with her harp and Saskia Rekké for all support. First soloperformance on September 24th in Elisabethweeshuis Culemborg. I’ll keep you posted.